It’s been a while since I update this blog. My daytime job is very demanding that I find it very hard to have time travelling. One thing I remember when I started this blog is my burning desire to have it grow and become profitable. I thought this was easy, now I know it’s not.

My life has already changed. I’ve been dreaming this before until I finally put into action. So I scan several pages in Facebook to satisfy my wants to have a group buddy while travelling. They are awesome friends to be with. But one thing I notice every time I join a group, I am less excited. I felt like this is not the type of travel I want. I get less experience than do it yourself adventure. Compared to solo, group travel is not a challenge nor satisfying experience for me. I realized it’s not the very best thing to do. Here I will list the pros and cons of solo travelling.

Dahican Beach and Pusan Point Amazing Drone Video

Dahican Beach Mati City

Stepping Out in Your Comfort Zone

This is the most important thing I want to experience. Living outside your comfort zone is my primary purpose. I want to make a change. Joining a group does not help me grow as traveler. Although there are some experience to nurture it’s not enough for me to become better compared last year. I want to make my 2017 as more fruitful and more joyful compared to year 2016 and I can only achieved this through experience. Every time I travel in my comfort, experience is scarce and excitement is low. I want to put myself into test how far I can go alone. I’ve been in Surigao Del Sur and Davao Oriental last month but I can’t even write one article to share my experience. My mind is empty. Unlike when you go solo, you will be in the present moment. The thrill of solo travel is so deep it will pierce in your heart months after you get back home.

Solo Traveler Have Thick Skinned

This is the most important thing I learned when going solo. You rely no one except yourself and it’s really a challenge. I remember when I heading to Camiguin alone last year, I was in Balingoan port and the last trip has gone. The most awkward moment for me, I was asking in every barbecue stalls who can lend me a room to sleep for the night because all pension houses around is dirty. Good thing there are good people and they opened there home for me. Every time I remember those awkward moment I can still laugh about it. Group travel will not train you to have thick skinned. Although there are do it yourself group, still I prefer solo and not all traveler can understand this. For me traveling is for you to experience life I will not resist and suppress what’s happening around I just wait the day to end itself.

The Fascinating Lake Apo

travelling to Davao Oriental

You Always Have Enough Time

I realized when I’m alone I always have enough time to do everything in my list. Unlike in the group, time constraints is always an issue. There are times where laziness of other guest ruined your plan itinerary. I have group mates in Palawan that received impromptu lecture from other foreign guests because he is very lazy to get up early morning. Time will run out fast and worst your plan itinerary for the day will only half complete.

Traveling Alone is a Privilege

Accept it, not all people can travel alone. When I learned that going solo is exceptional I became interested in it. I want to be unique but don’t know how to start, being alone on everything is my trademark. When I first discovered my life purpose it blows my mind, I have many things to do and I realized this all things in my mind that many people struggle to achieve, I can do it all by myself. From island hopping to chasing waterfalls all this activity that I did is the most fantastic things so far that I can imagined. This is the life I want and I’m very happy to have this privilege forever.



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