It was said that you need to travel young rather than old to gain personal experience in early life. So many people in social media boastfully posted their travel pictures just to let the world knows what they’re doing. I was confused while reading some articles about different travel experiences and what you can get about it, some bloggers agree that indeed travelling will make you happy, its refreshing and will make you back on track after a long days of working. Maybe it depends on the places you visit and who’s with you while traveling. Since then, I become avid reader of some travel blog sites I was still newbie in this part of life and I want to discover it by myself.

The Pros and Cons of Solo Travelling

travelling solo
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Travelling Alone

I was very happy while planning my first solo vacation. I remember, I was scanning through Google pages to find some helpful tips about solo adventure, their are some conflicting advice came from different blogger, many of them disagree the idea of solo backpacking. I was then wondering of what kind of experience I can get in this crazy journey. How travelling alone can help me ease my ill fated feelings from my failed relationship. I was thinking many times then I decide and ordered my self to go for a change, I was hoping after I came back it would never be the same again.

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The long Journey

I pack my things up and prepare myself to travel alone to Camiguin. It was long and boring trip. Imagine yourself inside the van, no friends to talk even the passengers beside you does not want to chat with you they just want to close their eyes and open it when they arrived in terminal. I take few pictures of some beautiful landscapes from my smartphone it was great feelings, this is the first time I have this free time for myself. I can’t remember the last time I felt this happiness, my life is so busy that I forgot to treat myself like this. I felt I’m professional traveler like anybody else (hahaha) it was amazing feelings of excitement. when I was in the boring trip to Camiguin  I realized that life is difficult alone and I need somebody to be with me next time I do this adventure. The best lesson I learned from my solo travel is do not travel alone.

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The Fascinating Lake Apo

Awkward Moment

I leave early morning in Davao City and arrived 6 PM in Balingoan port. The last trip has gone and I don’t know if their are some decent motels around the port. I roamed around and have my dinner in a small eatery. Some bystanders offered me their cheap overnight pension houses but I turned it down. The place has no hotel to sleep, the pension houses around the port are old and dirty, the room is very small and has no toilet and bath. I sit beside the road and look inside the port I’m thinking maybe I can sleep inside if I have no other choice. One lady approached me, she has vacant room in their house and I can sleep their for the night. I’m very glad someone offered me a room for 500 pesos, the two story house is big enough for 10 people. It was a great night in my journey a moment which I can always recall and share to people who are willing to listen my story.

Finding My Tour Guide

Before heading down to Camiguin, I save several contact numbers of possible tour guide even thought many drivers in Benoni Port offered their services I want to make sure that this tour guide has positive review from their previous client so I relied on some blog post from other bloggers. After I arrived in Benoni port in Camiguin I immediately ride a Jeep to Mambajao the Driver is very nice that he dropped me in front of GV hotel. I sent one message to all numbers I save  and they replied immediately, I choose my tour guide based on their lowest offer.

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Generally, travelling alone will only give you temporary happiness. This can wipe out your sadness for a couple of days but after you get back in your normal life you will realize its all the same. You are lying to yourself if you are thinking that travelling alone can help you move on from your disgruntled life. Although their are good memories to remember this is not enough to change your life how it was before. But the good thing is, I felt energize and it helps me keep going forward I was looking to visit another places this year. Hoping to make a change.


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