I was amazed how things going the moment I change my life and focus to become a happy person. I did not know this before but now my life slowly crawling back on track by just doing what I want. I now have inner peace, I can breath freely like no more resistance in my mind I can now go to nature, trek into mountains and swim like a fish in the river. This are the things I discovered when I become a happy person.

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Do not Control

There are moment in our life where some people look down to us, laughing and do things where we can get hurt. I discovered when I decided to focus on my on life and become a happy person that this are the things I can’t control. So I skip them, ignore them like they never exist. Most of the time we are very concerned what other people say to us, we are trying to pleased them, tell them to like you. I realized you don’t need to do this, we are not living in this world to please anybody. I realized that my life purpose is not to make someones happy. I’m here in this world to experience the best of life, that’s what I’m doing now, I traveled every week to treat myself and I started a blog to share my journey.

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Stay Away from Negative People

I learn this in a very hard way. Did you try to open your life goals to your best friend and getting thumbs down in return? The most uncalled reaction came from people around me. I let them go and yes it was bad feelings that your hoping this man will cheer on you. Instead of pushing you up they are now pulling you down. I realized that this type of people are the most unsuccessful people in the world. Telling you that following your fashion in blogging and traveling is a waste of money. I was wondering if they try to backpack in mt. Apo and get nothing in return. It was awkward but keeping distance to this kind of people are the right decision. They cannot help you catapult success, it will only bring negative thoughts so stay away with this people.

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Be Grateful

Did you know that the happiest people in the world are those grateful people. They are the one who usually initiate those cordial conversation. I discovered that the more I become grateful the more I become happy, everyday when I wake up I always say thank you for another wonderful day in my life. Unlike before,  I was complaining every single day but when I change my life and found my ultimate purpose few years ago I realized that their are so many people out their dreaming the life I had. This life that I take for granted I realized that someone is dreaming to have this, because you know when I applied for my job their are more than 50 applicants lined up and out of that I was the one got hired alone. I realized this is a blessings yet I did not realized this until I found my life purpose. Now I’m very grateful that I have this lifestyle, I’m very thankful that I can travel every month and can go out of town every single week. If you learn to appreciate the life you have right now chances are you become what you think about.

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You Become Responsible

I discovered along my journey that happiness comes within you. Happiness is the output of your actions. You are responsible of what you’re doing, I am happy because of me, I made this choice and now I’m making actions in line with my life purpose. This is nothing to do with your friend or family. If you rely your happiness to other people chances are you will get disappointed, 100%. If you expect someone to love you in return then your happiness is at the hands of other people, this is not a wise decision. You should always put yourself first and do not allow someone to dictate you when and how you become happy.

When I decided to follow my life purpose I know from the start that it would bring me peace and happiness. Changing your life will not happen through thinking, it would happen through actions. So act now before it’s too late, get out in your comfort zone and figured out what is your life purpose.


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