This is the question that makes me overthinking for a very long time. Before I started this blog last year, I am certain to create a happy life opposite to what I have. But here’s the catch, my life has change radically but seems like it’s not complete. It takes me almost one year to realized. I read articles and watch videos about self help from so called experts but none of them answer my questions. I though travelling will make me happy, and it is. But one thing I realized, I did not create a lifestyle on it. It looks good outside but behind my travel it’s a whole different story. I want to look good outside, I want to show to other people how amazing my life is but deep inside I can’t feel it. Then I realized this can’t be true why I have this feeling of sadness despite my effort of changing it. So I turn my head back thinking what’s wrong with me I want to be my greatest version I want to be unique but here I am looking away in the vast ocean overthinking how to create a lifestyle. Finally, after almost a year of overthinking I finally have the answer. Here I will list the 5 secrets to create a life that feels good inside and not just looks good outside.

Things I Discovered along my Journey as a Happy Person

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Do It For Yourself

I learned this thing in the very hard way. Most of the time I want to show how exciting my life is that’s why I traveled even if I don’t feel it, there are sleepless nights overthinking how to look good in the eyes of other people. I don’t want to be vulnerable, I don’t want other people see me struggling but now I realized this is not serving me. All those moment I treasure is fake because I’m not doing it for myself. I’m only doing it to appear good in social media. I want to have the latest upload in my travel adventure album but deep inside my heart is aching. I’m not doing it to please myself. So I stop doing things that is not serving me, I realized how can I please other people without pleasing myself first. I want to travel the whole world but not for other people to see me in Facebook. I want to be the greatest version of me, to become travel story teller who love to watch, listen and read my exciting adventure.

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Too Much Filter

Now, this is huge. Except me because I’m not using filter now. I meet so many people using filter in social media just to get approval how they looks like. I’m not doing it anymore. I realized covering the real you is the best recipe for disaster. Imagine you are pretending to be someone just to get approval from our society. It’s not easy to pretend that you are this guy or that guy. I’m laughing at myself right now. Why should I worry about other peoples opinion, this is my life. What do they know about me. I let go of societies expectation, I want to live without cover up, I want to get real with myself. I accept myself 100% and happy with my perfect imperfection.

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Live in Your Present Moment

To create a life that feels good inside and not just looks good outside you have to live in your present moment. I myself is living in the past until I realized those event that always pop up in my mind was happened long time ago. I was living my life ten years ago. I was depressed overthinking of what was happen. Now I realized what was happen is already happened, I leave my past long time ago but still I’m carrying it in my mind. Since I can’t change what was happen I now focus on things like what can I do about it, should I leave it there or continue overthinking. I’m now focus on my present moment, I realized the truth has no expiration date no matter what was happened before I can’t changed it anymore. I always encouraged myself to go on, my future is yet to come I have only right now to deal with. I realized I’m very lucky to have this life, my unfortunate past will no longer affects me and those things wont stop me from creating a life I want.

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Let Go of Grudges

Time and time again grudges will make your life miserable. I was like holding a cup of hot coffee expecting the other person to get burn. I realized holding to a grudge is useless. It darkened my life up to the point that it consumed me. That energy I was holding on is so heavy my heart is pumping hard every time I remember those bad things other people did to me. Holding to a grudge is pointless, I’m not saying I forget what happen but I just let it go, I want to move forward to the next level. Right now my heart is very light, I should have done this long time ago but this doesn’t matter anymore. Letting go of grudges makes me feels good inside and not just looks good on the outside.

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Follow Your Bliss

Do what you love. This is the most important thing I learned along my journey. To make a life that feels good inside and not just looks good outside you have to do what you love every single day. For me photography makes me happy so I bought a camera. I have to dig deeper into my pocket just to invest in my happiness. Long time ago, I did not make happiness a top priority I have so many priorities in life. But after I follow what makes me happy, my life has radically changed it struck me deep enough to realized this is all I wanted. My activity like hiking, trekking, swimming and do it yourself travel makes my life complete. Many times I was looking my happiness to other people, not knowing my happiness comes within myself. Right now my life is very exciting, every time I’m planning my next adventure my blood boils down into excitement. This is the life I’ve been dreaming.


These 5 secrets help me radically changed my life. I’m not saying this are the only way to help you. These are only based in my own experience along my journey to become my greatest version. Maybe your situation is different from me, so you have to find a way to help your self up.


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