Did you ask yourself how are you doing today?  Like asking if you are much better now compared before? Emotionally, Physically and Financially? I been asking these questions throughout my life, what should I do to become a better person? I’ve been working so hard every single day and yet I felt like I was stuck. My life is not changing the way it should, I’m still the same person few years ago, the way I speak, the way I live and most of all the way other people treat me.  I was struggling to make ends meet and chasing my daily routine every morning to get into my job.

That was me before I discovered the secrets to become a better person. These secrets help me change my life how I was today. I managed to guide myself into change where I can now control what my future looks like. These are my secrets to become a better person.

Change the Way You Think

This is the most important secrets of my life changing situation. When I’m looking for answer, many people said you have to change your life. But I don’t know how, it was strange to me, what I need to change? how should I do that? What’s wrong with my life? These are the questions I face before I discovered the secrets on how to become a better person. I know theirs something wrong and I’m searching the answer everywhere. It’s hard to make a step the resistance in my mind are very strong telling lies that I always accept.

Things I Discovered along my Journey as a Happy Person

Then I decided to dig deeper and found out that change comes in our mind. I discovered that if you change the way you think then your body will follow. I was feed with old belief system but when I change my mind, things around me slowly changes all my energy now are focus on happiness. I change the way I work in my job and I have now list of priorities. I give plenty of time to take care of myself and treat myself well like a baby. I now make myself a first priority above all.

Accept Yourself 100%

I did not accept myself before 100% the way I am. I always pretend to be someone, hiding my flaws to other people. Then I discovered the secrets on how to become a better person. I found out that you will not become Michael Jackson or Brad Pitt. In order to become a better person you have to be unique, you have to accept who you are 100% then you will discover your true life purpose that’s how you stand out in the crowd. Their are so many people today who undergo plastic surgery, trying to lift up their nose, bleaching their skin and adding silicon to their body. They are thinking if they have this or that they become better. Becoming a better person comes within your heart, you need to feel it inside and make it as your inspiration while making your own version of becoming a better person.

Become a better person

Live the Present

I learn this secret in the hard way. I was living in my past hoping it will come back. My past are still fresh like it was happen yesterday, my thoughts are telling me if I only do this or that this would not happen and I live that thoughts like it happen literally. My thoughts are fixing those events that in reality it cannot be fixed again. But when I discovered on how to become a better person I pause my life for a while and said, wait a minute did I live my life like few years ago? I mistakenly live in the past and forget the present. My 20’s are almost running out when I realize this secret, now I’m 28 and barely experience the happiness of life. I realized that living moment to moment let you experience and enjoy your present life.

4 Secrets to Find your Happiness

I was thinking before I have more time but now I realized I wasted many hours, days, months and years thinking my rigid past. I realized my past is already done and my future has yet to come, the only thing I have is now. Living today moment to moment gives you time to enjoy. The power of now is very powerful, this will dictate your future. So focus on your life today, occupy the present and experience the best of now as you live your life purpose.

Step Out in Your Comfort Zone

These secrets help me discover few things. First, I realized that I can now stand on my own feet without my parents. I used to grow up living with my parents and living alone all by your self is uncomfortable things, now I used to live with it. I bought my own house, and living here alone is the most interesting times of my life. I can now do what I want, go where I want and go home when I want. Second, I realized I can travel alone. Travelling solo is very awkward, I’ve been in Cebu, Camiguin, Surigao and CDO all by myself and every places I visit I meet awesome people that now become my friends on Facebook. I don’t care what other people say, I just let the day end itself. I started to build my self confidence without depending on other people. Great things happen if you step out in your comfort zone.

get out in your comfort zone

Do Not Compare Yourself to Other People

This is me before I live the life I want. I keep comparing myself to other people, who’s more successful and has more than enough for themselves. I can’t resist, looking myself on the mirror and seeing those things they have and things I don’t have. When I discovered the secrets on how to become a better person, I realized that every person have its own authenticity. You cannot compare yourself to other people because we are living differently. We have our own life purpose and when I discovered what I want in life things started to change. I now focused on myself 100%. I start living based on my own belief without worrying what other people say.

If you keep comparing yourself to other people 100% you will get disappointed because we came to this world with different life purpose. My life now is unique, no one in our family or in my relatives live the way I did. I write this blog post even if I’m not a writer, I don’t care if their are so many establish blogs out there. I don’t need to be like them. I only want to be like me living the life I want.

Learn How to Invest

This is the most interesting part of becoming a better person. Honestly investing is out of my sight, I thought this is only for the rich. When I started to change my life it includes physically, emotionally and financially. I discovered that investing in stock market makes you a better person, this will challenge you emotionally and financially. Investing in stock help me grow financially.

If you invest in stock market you force yourself to learn about money. I grow up in a mediocre family, they only taught me how to spend and save money. Financial literacy is the most important foundation of life we must have, this will guide you to financial independence. Other people believe they already know how money works, but they can’t even read their financial statements or worse they don’t even know how to write one. Some people mistakenly define the difference between asset and liability.  Now that I learn how to invest I grow up everyday emotionally and financially.

travel to become better person


I have been doing this for 2 years now, every month I set aside 2 days to go out of town. Every weekend I go to beach, visiting places around all by myself. By doing this I notice great changes on how I dealt my life emotionally, I now become a story teller on my blog and it helps me cope in my toxic life. I experience life that cannot be bought by money, all of this helps me become a better person.

I have no plan to go back on my previous life. I am happy the way I live today. Learning from your own experiences is the most valuable things you can have in your life, this is a treasure given to us, to live in this world with peace and happiness in our heart.


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