This article is very special, because this is my first blog post and its all about me, about how I become Boy Lakwatsero. Why I choose to become Boy Lakwatsero? What this blog all about? Why I started this blog? What is the purpose of this blog? To make story short I will look back 5 years ago when my life has no purpose and only revolve around my full time job.

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I was a full time employee in Logistics Company here in Davao for 5 years now, I’m always exhausted at the end of the day doing things I don’t like. Even if I’m in my mid 20’s that time, still I don’t know what I should do with my life. I don’t know my life purpose, no happiness and no life. I’m always worried about my future of what it looks like, I have this old belief system that saving money will make me rich. But after 5 years of working, my full time job consumed me, this is where I spend my whole life, working for someone’s company and making them rich.

Things I Discovered along my Journey as a Happy Person

I have unhappy life, until one night when I go to bed, all alone, I summed up all my achievements in life and found out no one of this brought happiness. I have hundred thousand pesos savings in my bank account, I already bought a house on my own, I become a regular employee and bought plenty of stuff for myself but none of this makes me happy. I was very upset, why those people I see along the way are happy? Drinking those cups of coffee, sitting in a wooden chair while talking. They are smiling. Full of joy and looks like they don’t have problems.

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At that moment questions flooded on my mind. What’s wrong with my life? How to become happy? What’s their secret? Why those people who can barely eat 3 times a day are happier than me? Those questions change my belief system. I thought life is like anybody else, you will study hard, get a job, settle down and then raise a child. This was the belief system my parents taught me, get a regular job boy and you will succeed. I know life is easy if we just follow what others do, but I don’t want to be like them. I want to customize my life, I want to have freedom, I don’t want to get old working on this job. Then I realized the secrets of life how to find your happiness while keeping your day time job. Its not about money, it’s not job security it’s all about your passion, your life purpose those things will make you happy alone.

7 Secrets to Become a Better Person

This secrets was slapped in my face, I never expect those belief system my parents taught me was wrong. I found out that happiness is all about balance. Yes, for you to become happy you need to balance your life and do what you want. And you cannot do this if someone will tell you why will you do it, when will you do it and how will you do it. You know, I was very dumb, all my happiness before defend on things that I can’t control. My happiness defends on other people, I neglect myself, I did not love myself 100% and I was begging someone to love me. Can you imagine how idiot is that? I was in a toxic relationship before, begging her to love me. I was hospitalized and got surgery because I neglect myself to much. I did not exercise, I eat junk foods and every time I look at the mirror I hate myself. You know, I’m not handsome, I’m fat and semi bald, those things on me physically really stressed me out. But now, when I found out these secrets, when I learned to balance my life, love myself, accept myself 100% all turned out from negative to positive. All things becomes brighter to me, I started to love my life without comparing myself to other people. I become who am I without pretending to be someone, I started to love my hair :-). I don’t care anymore what other people say, I only care for myself and it fells fantastic.

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Another secret that help me find happiness in life is, I now focused on things I have. Before, I really pushed myself out to have those things I don’t have instead of enjoying those things I already have. I have so many wants in life. I want to buy this things, I want to buy that things. I even struggle to get a license because I want to buy a car. I did not realized those things I bought has less value, it can make you happy, yes. But overtime after excitement fades away you realize, those gadgets you buy are simply useless. I mistakenly define the difference between needs and wants, that’s why I try myself to learn about financial literacy, I read books about money and how money works. How I use money to bring peace and happiness in my life. Those learning process are very precious.

Next is let go of grudges. Before, I was like holding a cup of hot coffee and expecting other people to get burn. There are too many grudges inside me and I keep it in myself for the long time. I blocked so many people in Facebook because we have many differences. There are friends that I always ignore because they hurt my feelings. I did not talked to my old friend because we have different views in politics. But since I discovered the secrets of happiness, I let it go. I realized that holding grudges is pointless, it will consumed you up to the point your life become miserable. I’m not saying that I forget what happen but I just let it go, why should I focused on people that did not give me happiness in return? I now become responsible of my own happiness. After I do this my heart becomes widely open, I felt very light, and that thorn inside when I go to sleep when I go out, it’s all gone. Its amazing feelings.

happiness in our heart
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When I realized the secrets of happiness, I immediately found out my life purpose. I realized that my passion is in photography, I love nature, and I love travelling to different places. My life purpose is not about working a job I don’t like. I can now imagine myself walking in the beach, trekking under rain forest and exploring those 7,107 islands in the Philippines.

Starting a blog is difficult but it’s worth it. I’m not a writer but I have many stories to tell and by using this blog I will share my life experiences from top to bottom. I want to encourage those people out their living in life they don’t want. We have to live moment to moment, time is more precious than money I want to enjoy the present where I can still breathe and travel. The biggest mistake I made is by telling myself I have enough time, I did not realized my time is running out faster than I though. I am now in my late 20’s without knowing much what life is all about. My 20’s are fading so fast that I cannot recall when is the last time I treat myself with love.

Right now, my primary focus in life is being happy every single day. More people out their are focusing to much on making money. Being happy is not their priority. That’s why so many people today have miserable life, they neglect themselves and barter their time too much on money. I am now opposite to this people. I don’t want to be like them. I want to be me. So here I am now, writing my first blog post sharing with you how to find your happiness.



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