I’ve been reading this place in some blog post and thinking this might be my next destination. They called it the “summer capital of Davao region” because the weather is cold and fogs in the morning last until 7:30 am, the place are surrounded with tall mountains, the highest peak in Maragusan is Mt. Candalaga where you can found rafflesia the worlds biggest flower. In my short visit I found out that there are already few foreign tourist in the area most of them are mountaineers there are also local tourist who love to visit water falls the Tagbibinta and Marangig falls.

maragusan tagbibinta falls
Tagbibinta falls

We headed 3:00 am in the morning from Davao City via bus and ride a passenger van in Tagum City to Maragusan. The place is far from what I read, worst are the slippery bumpy road due to rain. The road are half cemented leading to the town and its already 7:15 am when we arrived in Maragusan terminal. Still in cold morning that most people wear there jacket.

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I think Haven’s Peak is the only overlooking accommodation in Maragusan. This place is almost 600 meters uphill from the public market. We tried to trek here on foot and yes after 15 minutes we reach the entrance plus 200 steps more of concrete upstairs before we reach the reception counter. No wonder the place is very quite I think we are the only guest at that time, good thing they are constructing cable cars for there guest hopefully next time we can have a ride rather than trekking on foot.

Haven's peak in Maragusan
Haven’s peak rooms

Tagbibinta falls are located in Brgy. Coronabe less than 20 minutes ride from terminal via motorcycle. We are the first visitors of that day even if we arrived at 9:00 am in the morning, the place is clean and have great potential because they have wider space inside the resort, they also have swimming pool for the kids. After we paid 40 pesos for the entrance fee we immediately headed our way to the falls. The ice cold water is very amazing! I cannot entirely dropped my feet for 10 seconds the water is really cold. Sadly, the falls has no enough space for swimming unlike in Kawasan falls in Cebu but you can soaked in water and have some water massage in the river. We stayed here for two hours just to play and enjoy the water.

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Maragusan water falls
Marangig falls

Marangig falls are located in Brgy. New Albay in Maragusan. After Tagbibinta falls we ride a motorcycle going to Brgy. New Albay its only 15 minutes before we reach the entry point, unlike Tagbibinta, Marangig falls are 500 meters away from the high way so you need to trek, cross the river and follow the river to reach the falls. They said that it has 13 levels but we could not find the rope or ladder to climb. There are few people climbing the 90 degrees cliff like spider to reach above the falls, I don’t think my women companion can do that so we decided to go back. We ask around when we take our launch and find out that Marangig falls was not maintained by local government. They said that before you can climb and reach the other level because it has rope and ladder but now its very difficult, the people there prefer to visit Tagbibinta falls because it was maintained and have cottages for picnic. If you want to visit Marangig falls make sure to check first if they already put ladder on it or you will get disappointed if you are seeking adventure.

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Maragusan Comval
Road to Pyalitan falls

Our next destination is the Pyalitan falls located in Brgy. Mapawa. We hired a motorcycle and endured long ride in the middle of banana plantation, we crossed two rivers and sometimes our driver would ask us to get off. The road is poorly maintained and not suitable for motorcycles. Our motorcycle driver are from Brgy. New Albay and not familiar in Brgy. Mapawa, he is not sure where exactly the Pyalitan falls and were only following the directions given by some locals that we met along the way. He advice us to go back in Brgy. Mapawa and hire a driver who is familiar in the falls but since its already raining we decided to go back to Havens peak where we can have some rest. If you decided to visit this place make sure you hire a driver from Brgy. Mapawa where they can bring you easily in Pyalitan falls. Although we regret to think we did not reach Pyalitan falls maybe next time we can include this place in our wish list.

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Havens peak in Maragusan
Early morning in Haven’s peak

Its almost dark when we arrived in Havens peak and fogs slowly covered the place after the rain. The next morning, we head our way to Kanlawig hot spring located in Poblacion Maragusan. The place is quite dirty, the facilities are old and some are broken, rust are visible in all cottages roof. They only have one swimming pool with lukewarm water, I don’t know why they called it hot spring. If sometimes you will visit Maragusan, skip this place to save 40 pesos entrance fee, 15 pesos fare and 100 pesos rent for round table.

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Havens peak resort
Over looking view from Havens peak

Aguacan cold spring is located in Poblacion almost 400 meters away from the high way. The place is great and entrance fee is only 40 pesos. Compared to Kanlawig hot spring, the place is wide enough for family gathering. They have function hall, wide parking two swimming pool for kids and Adults, open and close cottages so overnight stay is not a problem. The deepest pool is 10 meters deep and good enough for swimming. The water is cold and clean, really we enjoyed this place and stayed here for two hours before heading back to Davao city.

Tagbibinta falls in Maragusan
Water flowing from Tagbibinta falls

If I will sum up, Maragusan is truly a summer capital of Davao region. I know that my short visit did not cover all tourist places since we made this trip as “Do it Yourself”. Next time if I have a chance I will comeback to this place and visit those places that are still in my list. Hoping, next time all roads and bridges are done to have more convenient trip.


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