I’m very happy to found this place on Facebook while searching my next destination. I did not make any plan prior to my visit all I have is the “how to get there” info from their website. Digos City is 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Davao, a peaceful city near Mt. Apo. So I’m here right now writing this article in a foggy cold mountain, struggling to connect to my wifi and enjoying the cold breeze of fresh air in nature. This is the place I would love to stay.

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland resort

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland Resort is located uphill in a small village of Mahayag Brgy. Binaton Digos City. The resort is 45 minutes away from the city using motorcycle. The place is secluded in the sense that this is a tribal area of Bagobo. They keep and improve the natural environment, the forested areas are still intact without any sign of destruction. The resort is almost 400 meters away from the highway, you need to trek uphill and downhill using concrete blocks as corridor before you reach the entrance. The place is very quiet and covered with tall trees, green grasses and different kinds of flowers. The place is well maintained and has enough space for family occasions. They have camping site, open and closed cottages, canteen, and very friendly staff. The place is situated beside the hill overlooking Digos City sorrounded by beautiful flowers, fruit bearing trees, pine trees and a very cold mountain spring.

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Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland digos city
Flowers in the pathway

The Flowers

The first thing I noticed are those colorful flowers, I don’t know the name but they are beautiful. I even take some good shots using my camera. They intentionally plant those flowers, maybe this are wild flowers that usually grow in cold weather, I doubt if they’re using fertilizer to grow this plants since the soil is black and fit for planting. The resort landscape is naturally sorrounded by different types of flowers.

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland Resort
Open cottage

The Cottages

They have plenty of open cottages in the resort for 200 pesos. The native cottage is good for 10 person few steps away from there swimming pool. They have overlooking camping site located in a small plain on top of the mountain, the breathtaking view is a stress reliever itself for workaholic person. The closed cottage is good for 2 person equipped with table, TV, DVD player and small cabinet for your clothes. Big cottages for large groups or families are also available, they have 2 main houses with several rooms.

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Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland digos city resort
Adult swimming pool

The Swimming Pool

They have 2 swimming pool for children and adults. Clean overflowing water specially built beside the hill with awesome overlooking view which is good enough to refresh your mind. The pool is surrounded by different blooming flowers hanging beside the hill. The relaxing view from their swimming pool is only one of many attractions this resort has to offer. They also have trekking adventures going to mini water falls.

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland resort in Digos City
The poor monkey

The Poor Monkey

I know this is not right, putting a chain on animals like this monkey is a crime. The only downside of this resort are using the poor monkey as tourist attractions. I know that this resort is mountainous area where wild monkey often considered as home but chaining them just to add view in your business is wrong. I’m a nature and animal lover so I was dishearten to have this scene on my site, they crossed the line for killing the freedom of this monkey they’re making money at the expense of this animals. They also have other wild animals inside the cage right beside the monkey. My heart is bleeding seeing those clear eyes begging for their freedom. I don’t know what to do to help them.

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Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland Resort
Mini water falls

The Trek to Mini Falls

This is the only reason why I visit this Tribu Bagobo Woodland Resort. The trek to mini falls is very easy and it takes only 10 to 15 minutes to reach. I was curious looking at their Facebook page, those big pile of brown stone in the river. Theres no special in the area, the only thing I like are the overlooking view downhill and their hillside garden. The 4 meters mini water falls are good for children to play but not attractive for the pro trekker.

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland
The short trek to mini falls

This overlooking view of Tribu Bagobo Woodland Resort is very attractive to nature lover like me, although this resort has only few things to offer they have forested environment filled with different types of colorful flowers. The cold weather and peaceful surroundings makes Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland Resort as my top destination when it comes to nature.

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Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland resort
Swimming pool

How to get there

From Davao City Ecoland terminal, ride a bus going to Cotabato or Tacurong City. All buses will have there first stop at Digos City bus terminal. From Digos City terminal, ride a tricycle going to DepEd building which is few steps away from old terminal. Van going to Kapatagan is available but the most convenient way of transport is Habal2x motorcycle. In front of DepEd building there are sign boards for each route of Habal2x, find the sign board to Brgy. Binaton. Fare from Digos City to Brgy. Binaton is 60 pesos per head and travel time is 45 minutes. Minimum fare of tricycle in Digos City in 10. Aircon Bus fare from Davao to Digos is 75 pesos and travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland resort
Hillside garden

Price Rate

The entrance fee is 50 pesos excluding swimming pool fee. Room rate starts at 250 for open cottage, 750 for closed cottage, 1800 for tents and 7500 for main houses. Tents and main houses can accommodate up to 12 person. They also have canteen for short order starts at 75 and 150 pesos.

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Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodland
Resort canteen

Contact Info

  • Adress: Sitio Mahayag Brgy. Binaton, Digos City
  • Contact no: 09993506403 / 09067611728 / 082 284 460
  • Email: angtribu_bagobo@yahoo.com.ph


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