This is not my planned activity for the week but since Nov. 30, 2016 is holiday I scanned many Facebook pages to see what adventure I can do in one day. Finally, I found a group offering one day hike in Mt. Capistrano. They are group of friends and I’m the lone joiner, a bit awkward at first but I found out they are very cool. This is the first time I meet a group who make travelling a basic part of life. If only I know before that traveling is my ultimate life purpose, I would have started backpacking as early as I could. But now, here I am in my late 20’s living the life I want, pushing my life to it’s limit as I continue to step out in my comfort zone.

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Mt. Capistrano Malaybalay

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We leave early at 2am from Davao City and arrived 630am in Malaybalay. I have no idea about Mt. Capistrano, I did not make any research about it. I just want to occupy my weekend as part of my weekly routine. I don’t want to sleep at home and watch TV during weekend. I want to stay in nature doing things like photography and videography. This is my personal challenge, travel every month and go out of town every week.

Mt. Capistrano Malaybalay hiking

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Mt. Capistrano Malaybalay

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This 793 meter Mt. Capistrano is located in Brgy. Simaya Malaybalay Bukidnon, a favorite location for day hiking offering breathtaking view to mountain climbers. The trek starts from the highway where the registration house is located. The challenge starts in a concrete blocks of upstairs, I did not count how many steps but you will surely catch your breath before reaching out the rope assisted part. The rope assisted trail is the most challenging part, it is continuous with almost no signs of plain surface straight up to the muddy jungle trail. The semi forested jungle is wet but there are flat surface to rest. You can hold the tree limbs to pull you upward.

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Mt. Capistrano Malaybalay

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Actually, the trail is moderate to climb but there are part like the sharp rocky limestone along the way, you have to be very careful in every steps. Make sure you have trekking shoes or sandals as your protective gear. The natural rock formation is the last obstacle before reaching out the top. All sweat has been paid off when you see the most breathtaking view in Mt. Capistrano. The peak is composed of unique rock formation overlooking some parts of Malaybalay City. This giant rock in wide open space has natural sharp edges, perfect for your best selfie. So bring your camera with you, burn that extra fats, trek up to the top and appreciate the overlooking view of Mt. Capistrano.

How To Get There

From Davao City, ride a bus going to Malaybalay. Then ride a multicab going to Brgy. Aglayan. Hire a motorcycle and tell the driver to drop you off Sitio Binalbagan, Brgy. Simaya in front of registration house. Registration fee is 20 pesos. Don’t forget to bring enough water it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the peak.


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