I’ve visited Talicud Island in Samal 3 times and I know more and more people are eager to visit this place to escape their stressful life. If you’re planning a vacation, this island will offer clean and peaceful environment, white sand beaches and budget friendly accommodation. Here are the three most beautiful beaches in Talicud Island.

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Isla Reta Beach Resort

Isla Reta Beach Resort

Isla Reta is located in Talicud Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). This is the most visited resort that is few hundred meters away from the wharf of Dadatan. They have wide sea shores filled with white sand in crystal clear water, divers considered this place as paradise. Bring snorkeling gear when you visit and see those corals near the beach. This resort is a pride not only for Talicud but for the entire Island of Samal.

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If you are planning to stay overnight you may bring your own tent and place them near the shores. They have concrete rooms, native rooms and dormitory type so no worries if you are backpackers like me. Make sure you have advance booking before heading to Isla Reta or you will end up sleeping in a tent, you need to book 2 weeks before schedule to get comfortable accommodation.

La Isla Bonita Beach Resort

La Isla Bonita Beach Resort

La Isla Bonita is not popular as Isla Reta but they have one thing in common, white sand. This resort has jaw dropping crystal clear water, the long shoreline of white sand is perfect destination for your next vacation. Book your overnight stay to fully enjoy the place but do not expect classy facilities.

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The place is calm and best for swimming but not good for snorkeling. Bringing your own food is allowed but they also have available in the menu. Network signal in this area are scarce so you can definitely escape your busy social life. Try to visit here and see it for yourself.

Babu Santa Beach Resort

Babu Santa Beach Resort

Babu Santa is considered as stop over for all island hopping activity in Samal. This resort is located in the tip of Talicud Island, best for lenses for photographers and selfies for out goers. This resort is pack with visitors during lunch time where they can buy some delicious coconut.

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The white sand has crystal clear water glowing in the heat of sunlight. In the right side of the beach is a ruined shore that was destroyed by storm, perfect view for classic photography. There are many high growing trees in the beach that will cover you from sunlight that’s why all island hoppers will take their lunch here, it makes you feel calm and relax while sitting in white sand watching the beautiful view of the sea.

They have open cottages and square wooden tables for day tour and has only one closed native cottage for overnight stay so best if you bring your tent. The closed cottage is actually one vacant room of a family leaving in the beach, asks the owner of the store and she will point you in a small hut with sari sari store. It is only good for 4 people for 500 pesos.

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Babu Santa offers wide surroundings of white sand perfect for couples, families and backpackers. If you are divers you can visit the coral garden near the beach and see for yourself the hundreds of different corals and fish. The crystal clear water gives perfect breathtaking view even without using snorkeling gear, so just enjoy the view when you visit here.

Dayang Beach Resort

Dayang Beach Resort

Talicud Island is located in southern part of samal which are rich in a way that photographers will absorb through its lenses and divers will surely have fun diving in its alluring corals located near the beach. Actually Dayang beach resort is located beside Babu Santa. The only difference is Dayang beach offers plenty of closed cottages from 500 to 1200 pesos. It has wide surroundings covered by coconut trees, the sand is not white as Babu Santa but it has better facility, better security and has several square wooden tables that you can sit and relax while eating your lunch or dinner.

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They also have small store where you can buy some stuff needed for overnight stay. They can also cook your food and serve it directly to your cottage. They have duplex type rooms for backpackers, couples, friends and families. Best if you stay overnight and make some bonfire while drinking and singing with your friends.

When I came here I stayed in a 650 pesos native hut room which is very spacious for 3 person. They have no running water and we need to buy fresh water for 50 pesos per container to bath. Our food was serve hot and fresh directly to our cottage, very fresh sea foods, catch few hours ago by nearby fishermen so make sure to try their foods if you get here.

How to Get There

If you are from Davao city airport, ride a taxi and tell the driver to drop you in Magsaysay Park or directly inside Sta. Ana wharf. If you are adventurous and want to ride a jeep, go to the highway near 7/11 infront of Jose Maria college and ride a jeep going to Panacan, Tibungco or Bunawan. Tell the driver to drop you off Panacan Depo, its the intersection going to Magsaysay Park. Ride a Jeep to Magsaysay park, make sure the route will pass Cabaguio or R. Castillo. Sta. Ana wharf is only beside Magsaysay park so you will not lost if the driver drop you in Magsaysay fruit stand.

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The boat leaves on a daily basis from 6AM and 9AM in the morning with 1PM and 3PM in the afternoon as the last trip. Make sure to catch the first trip, if you have no advance booking. Travel time from Sta. Ana to Dadatan wharf is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Isla Reta is located near the wharf, no need to ride habal2x. Babu Santa, La Isla Bonita and Dayang Beach resort are 20 minutes away from the wharf. Ride a habal2x motorcycle for 60 pesos fare, please do not haggle to much since that is only their source of income, much better if you paid more since the road is not cemented going to Dayang and Babu Santa beach. You will have rocky and bumpy ride, uphill and downhill that only motorcycles can pass. I don’t know if they already fix the road, I only hope so.


Isla Reta Beach Resort: 0998 991 6690
La Isla Bonita Beach Resort: 09989912754 / 09257212754
Dayang Beach Resort: 0999 459 1318 / 0918 386 8763
Babu Santa Beach Resort: 0919 239 8308


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