I’m very busy this past few days that I forgot to update my blog regarding my latest vacation in South Cebu! I been planning this vacation since last quarter of 2015 and luckily Cebu Pacific offered a seat sale before August 20 so I grab it without asking questions and pack my things up months before my vacation. Us usual go alone, you know I have no choice no one will go with me only me myself and I.

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Delayed Flights

I know this is normal, but please not 5 hrs Delayed. My 12:30 flight to Cebu becomes 5:30. I almost lost my temper when Cebu Pacific frequently announces our flight will be further delayed without giving exact time frame. I arrived in Mactan Cebu at 7:00 and my dinner is only one order of Shawarma, just enough to warm up my tummy. My expected itinerary in Badian Cebu is 4:00 pm but its almost 9:00 pm and I’m still in cue to board the bus. Good thing my tour guide waited me in our meeting place, its already 01:00 am when I arrived in 7/11 Badian, from there he take me to my accommodation not far from the highway.

Cebu Philippines

Very Comfortable Accommodation

I was surprised when I wake up early morning. The place is a 2 storey modern bungalow house complete with sala set and kitchen utensils. Madam Nina (the owner) greeted me in the kitchen while offering a coffee with pandesal. The compound is very neat and clean, their own vehicles are well seated in their own parking I even take some pictures of the house, I’m planning to copy some of design from Madam Nina’s house. I really like it! from kitchen furniture, beautiful sofa up to the bedroom bedding’s. My air conditioned room is big enough for 3 person so I can sleep comfortably in any position. What a life!

Samal Island: When strangers become friends

Island Hopping in Moalboal

Its day 2 of my vacation and were heading to Pescador Island in Moalboal. its more than 1 hour drive from the accommodation. The weather is not so good, we need to secure our things in a dry bag, the wind and waves are punching in our motorized banca. The travel time is very slow, I can see the island from the shore but it takes us more than 1 hour to get there. I’ve been searching this place all over the net and now, finally I see those blue fish like pictured in so many blog post. The corals below the island is like a cliff. The crystal clear water is very deep, I can’t even see the seabed using my snorkeling gear. I can only see the bubbles rushing on me from the oxygen of scuba diver below. We headed to our next location where according to our guide we can find a sea turtles but sadly all turtles are gone maybe they are hiding or just taking a break (joke!). Next, we headed to the place of sardines, our tour guide shouted us to dive because the sardines pass under our boat but I cannot even soaked my feet in the water, there are thousands of sting waiting for us. Even the other groups from different banca refused to dive they are very aware of sting bites. Maybe I will dive next time if no more sting.

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Kawasan falls canyoneering

Canyoneering in Kawasan

I think this is the most exciting adventure in Badian after local govt. suspend canyoning in other water falls due to safety concerns. After a ten minutes trek we finally arrived in Kawasan falls. The water is clean and cold, I immediately soaked my feet like a little boy, the water is very relaxing keeping my muscle calm I did not even bother to ask the name of the half naked woman beside me, I just enjoyed it, no question this is the most amazing place in Cebu.

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The Very Hot Spring

Its already 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived in Mainit hot spring in Malabuyoc. You can choose from 36, 38, 40 and 42 degrees hot tub. The 42 degrees is so hot! I can only manage to bath until 40 degrees. Their are few people who manage to swamp their body but I don’t think it feels good to do it. The place is not so presentable compared to Ardent hot spring in Camiguin but its hot water will surely heal your muscle fatigue. The place is clean but not big enough to accommodate volume of visitors so better stay in one tub until you satisfied.

Osmeña Peak cebu

The Failed Osmeña Peak

Its day 3 of my vacation in South Cebu, this time we are heading to Osmeña Peak. We need to get up as early as 3:00 am to catch up with sunrise. Its a long, cold and boring trip! I forgot to bring my super jacket so I wear 2 t-shirts just to comfort myself from cold. We arrived at dawn after almost 3 hours of travel. We hike to the top for more than 30 minutes and see nothing. The place are covered with fogs and all our pictures background is white, even though we are disappointed I still felt lucky to step in the peak knowing not everyone can have this vacation in their 20’s.

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Oslob Cebu

 Whale Shark Watching in Oslob

We traveled for almost 3 hours from Osmeña Peak to reach Brgy. Tan awan in Oslob, the place is full of foreign tourist I can only spot few locals aside from us mostly they are Koreans and Chinese. After a short briefing we headed to our boat and few minutes later I already spot the giant whale shark. I don’t know why this giant whale sharks are so gentle that you can even touch them if you like. Some are small while others are same size of our boat. The smell of the place are stink and fishy but we are so excited to take some pictures so we forget the stink, the tour guide is very helpful and always ready every time the whale passes through us we are very happy and satisfied to have this experience.

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I can say that my vacation in South Cebu are very memorable, not only because of the places we visit but of course the bonding and friendship I found in that place. Even if I’m doing this vacation solo, their are many people who are very open and are willing to share their  travel experiences to me. The place are very wonderful, the people their are awesome like our very friendly tour guide who happen to be my town mate here in Davao. If I given a chance to go back in Cebu I will definitely try to visit Kawasan falls again, this place is so amazing that I even brag my photos and videos from this vacation to my friends. Hopefully next time I will find someone who can travel with me… (Featured photo by Island Trek Tours)


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