Its been 2 years now since I decided to change my life and shift my focus rather than exhausting my whole life working, here I am now, well alive and kicking. Although I’m not yet wealthy financially, their are many things I’ve done that really changed my life for good, I felt changed inside as I continue to step out in my comfort zone. As I said in my previous post travelling alone will give you temporary happiness that is before, but now I can say travelling alone will make you a better person. I found out that planning a vacation increases my productivity, weeks ahead I was very positive and optimistic in all my daily routine my energy rouse up that I can finish my daily job report before 3 pm instead of 5 o’clock. Although this is not my first time to travel alone, this amazing things happen that I cannot stop thinking why I waste my time thinking of someone who doesn’t care of me anymore.

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Sohoton Bucas Grande
Sohoton Bucas Grande

Heading to Bucas Grande

The 8 hours ride in a crowded van is misery! I did not expect that, I was thinking like sleeping inside the van and wake up next morning in Surigao but that did not happen instead I was enduring the entire 8 hours. The van is very small for 14 person packed inside like a can of sardines. I can’t even stretch my legs and felt like hugging a sack of corn over my lap because of my backpack. But despite of this I did not allowed my self to be annoyed much, instead I told myself to behave and go with the flow until we reach the port of Claver. Congrats to myself!

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Sohoton Bucas Grande

Awesome Friends

In my first solo travel I was very worried and finding friends is my top priority. But now I fix my mind and focus on place we visit, I don’t care anymore if nobody will greet at me or no one will say hi to me I just want to enjoy and let the day ends itself. Luckily, I meet this awesome friends they have their own unforgettable stories from their past travel experience, this is the first time that I have real friends while travelling alone. I remember when I was in Cagayan De oro I meet this awesome group from Basilan I was very shy that time, I can’t even ask their name. This time they are good friendly people that we have so much bonding in our short vacation.

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Sohoton Bucas Grande
Sohoton Bucas Grande

Expectation vs Reality

My first impression when we arrive in Claver, Surigao Del Norte is “what is this!!”. The traces of mining operation is very visible up hill, the stigma of ore was mix to ocean water that turns into reddish blue. The scale of destruction is very demeaning to our environment, I can’t imagine how come they swallow this destruction in exchange for temporary survival knowing our mother nature will soon demand a hefty price.

Traveling Alone Will Give You Temporary Happines

Bucas Grande is not so amazing compared to their promotional pictures, the place has less to offer to their visitors compared to other places like Cagayan De oro and Camiguin or Palawan. The only unique in this island is the lagoon and its rocky mountainous shape island with shallow crystal clear water and its handful of jelly fish. Although this remote island is clean and far away from mining the short list of activities and the 100 steps of hiking to our cottage makes it difficult to stand out and far from becoming the best island in the Philippines.

Sohoton Bucas Grande
Sohoton Bucas Grande

If I will rate the place it should be 4 out of 10. The place is not cool enough for me to think to come back soon, however I would emphasize that hospitable community in this Island makes it better attraction compared to far flung critical areas in Mindanao. Considering in the near future that infrastructure and accommodation in this island will improve I would still recommend this place to my friends and relatives.


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