This is my first adventure ride in 2018. We headed to Kapatagan, Digos City in our motorcycle and in less than 2 hours we arrived in our first destination. Camp Sabros as showed in so many social media post is like any other ordinary place you can visit. Theres no special in this place only a zipline, horse back riding and nothing else. The second place we visit is Dhen Yhos Place it has 2 overlooking swimming pool. The food is great but comes with a price. The third is Marawer hot spring. This place is a total waste of time, located further up in the town center of Kapatagan. It has two dirty bath tub, the water is not hot so i don’t know why they called it hot spring. Next is the lake mirror, honestly this is not a lake. It is a fish pond so you may skip this place if you visit. We also visit the Mt. Apo highland resort. The place has overlooking view great for overnight stay nothing much to offer but I recommend to to check in this place once you visit Kapatagan. The last is Tribu Bagobo resort, just like my first visit, the place is very quiet good for soul searching. The swimming pool is clean and cold try to stay overnight in this place for 700 pesos.


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