so travel
It was said that you need to travel young rather than old to gain personal experience in early life. So many people in social media boastfully posted their travel pictures just to let the world knows what they’re doing. I was confused while reading some articles about different travel experiences and what you can get about it, some bloggers agree that indeed travelling...
happiness in your life
This article is very special, because this is my first blog post and its all about me, about how I become Boy Lakwatsero. Why I choose to become Boy Lakwatsero? What this blog all about? Why I started this blog? What is the purpose of this blog? To make story short I will look back 5 years ago when my life has no purpose...
Happy people jumping
I was amazed how things going the moment I change my life and focus to become a happy person. I did not know this before but now my life slowly crawling back on track by just doing what I want. I now have inner peace, I can breath freely like no more resistance in my mind I can now...