happiness in your life
This article is very special, because this is my first blog post and its all about me, about how I become Boy Lakwatsero. Why I choose to become Boy Lakwatsero? What this blog all about? Why I started this blog? What is the purpose of this blog? To make story short I will look back 5 years ago when my life has no purpose...
Dahican Beach Mati City
It's been a while since I update this blog. My daytime job is very demanding that I find it very hard to have time travelling. One thing I remember when I started this blog is my burning desire to have it grow and become profitable. I thought this was easy, now I know it's not. My life has already changed. I've...
Vanishing Island In Barobo
This is the question that makes me overthinking for a very long time. Before I started this blog last year, I am certain to create a happy life opposite to what I have. But here's the catch, my life has change radically but seems like it's not complete. It takes me almost one year to realized. I read articles...