Happy people jumping
I was amazed how things going the moment I change my life and focus to become a happy person. I did not know this before but now my life slowly crawling back on track by just doing what I want. I now have inner peace, I can breath freely like no more resistance in my mind I can now...
Become a better person
Did you ask yourself how are you doing today?  Like asking if you are much better now compared before? Emotionally, Physically and Financially? I been asking these questions throughout my life, what should I do to become a better person? I've been working so hard every single day and yet I felt like I was stuck. My life is not changing...
happiness in your life
This article is very special, because this is my first blog post and its all about me, about how I become Boy Lakwatsero. Why I choose to become Boy Lakwatsero? What this blog all about? Why I started this blog? What is the purpose of this blog? To make story short I will look back 5 years ago when my life has no purpose...