Kalon Barak Saranggani
This is 2 days adventure ride from Davao City to Kalon Barak and Gumasa Beach in Saranggani. We stayed overnight at Isla Jardin Del Mar, one of the most popular resort in Saranggani.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLWlbu1iLFA
Ang tribu Bagobo Woodland
I'm very happy to found this place on Facebook while searching my next destination. I did not make any plan prior to my visit all I have is the "how to get there" info from their website. Digos City is 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Davao, a peaceful city near Mt. Apo. So I'm here right now...
Pearl farm resort Samal
Do you know that travelling alone has great advantage? I myself for the first time book one day island hopping tour in Samal Island. I though travelling alone is an awkward moment no friends and love ones to talk with, only me myself and I. While your companion in island hopping are mostly couple and family, seeing this strangers will make you fell...
Sohoton Bucas Grande
Its been 2 years now since I decided to change my life and shift my focus rather than exhausting my whole life working, here I am now, well alive and kicking. Although I'm not yet wealthy financially, their are many things I've done that really changed my life for good, I felt changed inside as I continue to step out in...