Do you know that travelling alone has great advantage? I myself for the first time book one day island hopping tour in Samal Island. I though travelling alone is an awkward moment no friends and love ones to talk with, only me myself and I. While your companion in island hopping are mostly couple and family, seeing this strangers will make you fell outside the boat, they are with friends laughing each other while yourself is only sitting far from them. I felt alone until the tour guide started the roll call, all eyes is in me when I was introduce as strangers alone. Travelling all by yourself will fueled questions they will ask you left and right all your answers seems not enough to them and you will have long conversations until you notice you are with them, as friends.

Samal Island Hopping photo

Strangers are Awesome

They are the one who will make you fell inside the group, you will learn different things, interest and reasons why they are travelling. Some of this strangers bear different stories from their past travel experience and will advice you how and when to travel your next destination. This people will fuel long conversation you will probably enjoy chatting with them rather than appreciate the place of the tour. Some of this travelers will laugh first by there own stories before you could, this awesome strangers will make up your day and you will whisper what a wonderful life we have in this world.

Travelling alone is cost effective

You can greatly minimize your expenses while travelling alone. I went to have 4 days vacation in Palawan last year with my partner and find it very expensive for me, you have to pay your plane ticket, hotel and upward gifts to your love ones at home. You will not enjoy with the trip, you have to consider what place to go and always consider the choice of your partner. Travelling alone is a remarkable experience, you have a choice what and when to eat and sometimes your group companion in the tour will offer there food, you have free launch plus priceless bonding with them. This is one of a kind experience, i think most of the time this kind of experience traveler wants rather than just visiting new places.

Samal day Tour is Cheap

One thing I consider when travelling is the cost. When I start looking in the internet about cheap tour packages I always consider the number of destination and the inclusion of the tour package. Maybe some company offering much cheaper but with less destination so you have to consider the places you want to visit. Joining into group of strangers will give you cost advantage rather than roaming around alone. You can pay 400 pesos for one day tour in Samal, just bring your own food or snack or you can buy while docking in your destination. The best thing is to bring your own, this will give you time to share and have fun while sharing each others food.

Pearl farm resort Samal photo

Samal has Plenty of Beaches

There are so many beaches in Samal, you can google the place and choose your desired destination based on your budget. Usually during weekend many visitors will heading the island so make sure to book your reservation. There are some white sand beaches that will suit your budget. I personally recommend Isla Reta you can book them for two thousand pesos only, you will enjoy the white sand and crystal clear water. I will not recommend those beaches near the ferry wharf or facing closer to Davao City, the water there is to shallow and has so many rocks were you need to wear slippers while swimming. Drive to the other side of the island or ask residents near by, they will tell you where to find white sand beaches. Always bring your ready to eat food since some of the beaches in Samal has no restaurant facility, some has no cottages just a plain beach where you can relax far away from the city.


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